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Put Away the Spectacles

The old-fashioned way of doing talent searches was to put out a notice in the newspaper and with the resumes command. Then, mind recruiters would look over page after page of qualifications, look trying hard to find the best candidate. That’s a very serious problem in this day of the lightning quick economy. Companies simply don’t have the time to waste and a talent search cannot take weeks but just days and preferably only hours. That’s a tall order for any employment recruiter but the hiring departments expect to be serviced and the reputation of human resources is on the line. Employment recruiters have to identify qualified candidates quickly and present them to hiring managers ASAP. RChilli Inc. can come to the rescue in these tense situations.

One of the best resume parsing companies in the world, RChilli Inc. brings an end to the days of reading through responses. With automated service is geared towards identifying the best candidates, RChilli Inc. can:

  • accept resumes from job boards, emails, desktop career portals, or outside firms and turn information into highly readable HR XML formats;
  • take over the time-consuming task of screen resumes and reduce the whole process by 80%;
  • input data directly into any database, including ERP;
  • process literally thousands of resumes in a matter of hours.

That last point is particularly important for any company that receives a large volume of resumes on a routine basis. Such companies gather employment department bought down in resume analysis with any major talent search, and that can be like trying to drive a truck through deep mud. RChilli Inc. became one of the world’s best resume parsing companies by producing totally reliable employment data automatically. The data fields can be customized for that major search company is doing, and the processing of a resume doesn’t take minutes; it takes a matter of seconds.

The results of what RChilli Inc. can do will put a big smile on the face recruiter, but an even bigger smile on the face of a hiring manager looking to fill position. Suffice to say that upper management is going to be extremely impressed with efficient way critical positions suddenly become filled.

A director should resources may worry about the cost of the road is no need to do that. There is no per cost resume. A one time cost will allow unlimited use of the services provided by RChilli Inc. and that can be an amazing benefit for companies with large volumes of monthly resumes. The ability to process and analyze considerable amounts of employment data data in a hurry with total reliability are qualities that RChilli Inc. brings to the table for any prospective client. Along with the other services, these are enhancements that can end the resume reading drudgery and put an employment office at the front in any race for qualified talent.

Let Time Work for You

There is no question about the time being a thief and the old proverb is certainly proved in the race to get top talent to fill an open position. Far too much time is spent poring over dozens of resumes and can rob a company of any advantage in snaring that important tech person so badly needed. Recruiters have a very small window of time to operate in when looking for just the right person. They shouldn’t be spending precious hours processing data or trying to figure out the best search process to scan existing volumes information. Those are things that a good resume parsing company can do, recipe information pills and they can do them so much better. In relation to resumes, these companies are like having a powerful magnet next to a haystack with iron needles hiding inside it.

  • They can pull the information right out of the massive words that make up a bulk batch of resumes and construct a top-notch Boolean search which can cut through the number of resumes like a hot knife through soft cheese;
  •  Data entry is not a problem and man hours spent doing is exhausting work is reduced to mere seconds;
  • A good resume parsing capacity permits recruiters to go through what information they need to select the top talent and then to be able to contact them immediately.

The importance of that last note cannot be understated. A highly skilled person may be under consideration by a number of companies and the ability to identify such individual, and make contact expeditiously, can make a talent search easy and incredibly efficient.

RChilli Inc. is one of the very best resume parsing companies. All of the above can be done and the RChilli Inc. product goes even further.

  • Resumes can be processed in the blink of an eye, and RChilli Inc. is the only company that can provide essential support investigating hidden content such as what really are the total years experience and any particular gaps in education among other fact identifying services;
  • Data fields can be customized to better help the employment section of the human resource department conduct informational searches;
  • The format of any given resume is something that is not a problem. Resumes that are in formats such as Doc, DOC X, RTF, or PDF are easily processed into information that aids in any talent search.

The days of spending hours reading through resumes are thus gone forever. RChilli Inc. can automatically sort and deliver exactly what information is needed.

It is critical for any talent search to have time work for the company and not drag it behind the competition. A company can ill afford to spend countless hours reading through all the resumes individually. RChilli Inc. has the tools necessary to craft a candidate investigation that pinpoints exactly what is needed to take the process from the starting point to the interview stage as quickly as possible, leaving possible competitors for talent far behind and choking on the dust.

Beat Your Competition to the Commission

Staffing firms exist in a world of almost frightening competition. Companies who use them offer incredible commissions, sickness here sometimes as high as 30% or more of the open position’s base salary, visit web but these corporations don’t always make it easy. They will commission several staffing firms and award the prize to the one who brings in the ultimate hire. It’s an amazing challenge and quick turnaround is essential, since the firm that submits the candidate first is the one who gets the claim to any final commission. Time can’t be wasted dissecting large bodies of resume files. Whatever can help a staffing firm cross the finish line first is worth its weight in gold. Resume parsing definitely has the Midas touch.

Information processing capacity of a good resume parsing firm is nothing less than astounding.

  • Literally, thousands of resumes can be processed within a 24-hour period and just the right information can be extracted from all that paper;
  • These time-saving allies of a talent search can create databases that segregate by work experience and the industry potential candidates once worked in;
  • Resume parsers can also create databases that staffing firm can use for individual clients, making the search process that much faster. These services all mean that a staffing recruiter doesn’t have to waste precious man-hours sifting through the paper volumes of resumes. He or she is better able to have results at the fingertips, and can source a good candidate in the nick of time and present the paper work to the client company. The consequence is being one step ahead of competing firms in a rough business and that is the best possible thing to have happen.

RChilli Inc. is a flagship company in the resume parsing arena. This isn’t just bragging but plain and obvious fact. In addition to being able to do everything mentioned above, RChilli Inc.:

  • Reduces the resume screening process by 80%, generating considerable time savings;
  • has the capacity to process more than 25,000 resumes in one night and screen through resumes faster than a whole team of recruiters;
  • Allows staffing firms to touch base quickly with the best candidate and databases can be segregated for better results for important clients.

All of this at highly reasonable prices.

It all means that sought after commission is not just something to wish for, but well within the reach of those staffing firms who use the product. The search is far more efficient because manual input isn’t necessary, taking human error out of the picture.

Client companies are very demanding. They don’t have an awful lot of patience and loyalty is based on the ability to submit qualified candidates as fast as possible. Staffing firms need to survive in an environment where the competition might be a nanosecond faster when it comes to referring a candidate, and time can’t be wasted shuffling through all the paper. Hustle is a desired virtue in the staffing industry and RChilli Inc. can be like a speeding bullet, processing resume data quickly, reducing the time spent preparing and analyzing material, and getting that great candidate to the client before the competitors even know this person exists.

A Prisoner of the Nouns

Finding the right person in extensive talent search is certainly no walk in the park. Postings that are set up on social media networks such as LinkedIn or Pinterest can generate not just dozens of resumes but perhaps even thousands. This requires someone or some people to go through all of the information trying to process exactly what is needed to refer to the right candidates. The result of any job posting can be a literal of Mount Everest of data. Sadly, an expert recruiter can become entangled in the words and syllables of hundreds of resume pages. This will result in large amounts of man-hours wasted and when time is of the essence, the consequence can be a highly qualified candidate snatched up by a competitor. There has to be a way to sift through all the nouns and verbs and a good resume parsing company is able to do just that. What such a firm can do is:

  • Reduce the screening process to a matter of a few hours instead of a few days;
  • Interpret resumes that may come from social media network platforms or emails to help find that exactly right candidate, relying on experience and skills phraseology to quickly scan through the material;
  • Compile usable data that is easily transferable to existing databases;
  • Cut down on the time spent analyzing resumes and producing analysis that is concise

RChilli Inc. is a master in the art of resume parsing. There are so many ways to present a resume and not every company can handle the various formats. RChilli Inc. is able to process resumes that are presented in PDF, DOCX, HTML, and TXT among other formats. This means that resumes posted on social media network sites can easily be handled in the information quickly analyzed. The company has a handle on social recruitment and can make the experience of talent search via Facebook or other social mediums much, much easier.

Granted, a recruiter can still try to sort through all the verbiage in an opening with 10 or less resumes. This doesn’t create a challenge but it’s the high-volume responses that cause the headaches. It isn’t just the reading; it’s also the manual data entry that takes a person’s time. Why do this when there is a solution that saves time and is much more efficient? Rchilli Inc. has a commitment to clients that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. It frees a recruiter from the chains of compound sentences and allows that person to more effectively conduct a productive search for just the right talent. Resume parsing is made better when a highly competent company is doing the work and RChilli Inc. is a proven leader in the field of resume parsing.