A Prisoner of the Nouns

Finding the right person in extensive talent search is certainly no walk in the park. Postings that are set up on social media networks such as LinkedIn or Pinterest can generate not just dozens of resumes but perhaps even thousands. This requires someone or some people to go through all of the information trying to process exactly what is needed to refer to the right candidates. The result of any job posting can be a literal of Mount Everest of data. Sadly, an expert recruiter can become entangled in the words and syllables of hundreds of resume pages. This will result in large amounts of man-hours wasted and when time is of the essence, the consequence can be a highly qualified candidate snatched up by a competitor. There has to be a way to sift through all the nouns and verbs and a good resume parsing company is able to do just that. What such a firm can do is:

  • Reduce the screening process to a matter of a few hours instead of a few days;
  • Interpret resumes that may come from social media network platforms or emails to help find that exactly right candidate, relying on experience and skills phraseology to quickly scan through the material;
  • Compile usable data that is easily transferable to existing databases;
  • Cut down on the time spent analyzing resumes and producing analysis that is concise

RChilli Inc. is a master in the art of resume parsing. There are so many ways to present a resume and not every company can handle the various formats. RChilli Inc. is able to process resumes that are presented in PDF, DOCX, HTML, and TXT among other formats. This means that resumes posted on social media network sites can easily be handled in the information quickly analyzed. The company has a handle on social recruitment and can make the experience of talent search via Facebook or other social mediums much, much easier.

Granted, a recruiter can still try to sort through all the verbiage in an opening with 10 or less resumes. This doesn’t create a challenge but it’s the high-volume responses that cause the headaches. It isn’t just the reading; it’s also the manual data entry that takes a person’s time. Why do this when there is a solution that saves time and is much more efficient? Rchilli Inc. has a commitment to clients that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. It frees a recruiter from the chains of compound sentences and allows that person to more effectively conduct a productive search for just the right talent. Resume parsing is made better when a highly competent company is doing the work and RChilli Inc. is a proven leader in the field of resume parsing.

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