Beat Your Competition to the Commission

Staffing firms exist in a world of almost frightening competition. Companies who use them offer incredible commissions, sickness here sometimes as high as 30% or more of the open position’s base salary, visit web but these corporations don’t always make it easy. They will commission several staffing firms and award the prize to the one who brings in the ultimate hire. It’s an amazing challenge and quick turnaround is essential, since the firm that submits the candidate first is the one who gets the claim to any final commission. Time can’t be wasted dissecting large bodies of resume files. Whatever can help a staffing firm cross the finish line first is worth its weight in gold. Resume parsing definitely has the Midas touch.

Information processing capacity of a good resume parsing firm is nothing less than astounding.

  • Literally, thousands of resumes can be processed within a 24-hour period and just the right information can be extracted from all that paper;
  • These time-saving allies of a talent search can create databases that segregate by work experience and the industry potential candidates once worked in;
  • Resume parsers can also create databases that staffing firm can use for individual clients, making the search process that much faster. These services all mean that a staffing recruiter doesn’t have to waste precious man-hours sifting through the paper volumes of resumes. He or she is better able to have results at the fingertips, and can source a good candidate in the nick of time and present the paper work to the client company. The consequence is being one step ahead of competing firms in a rough business and that is the best possible thing to have happen.

RChilli Inc. is a flagship company in the resume parsing arena. This isn’t just bragging but plain and obvious fact. In addition to being able to do everything mentioned above, RChilli Inc.:

  • Reduces the resume screening process by 80%, generating considerable time savings;
  • has the capacity to process more than 25,000 resumes in one night and screen through resumes faster than a whole team of recruiters;
  • Allows staffing firms to touch base quickly with the best candidate and databases can be segregated for better results for important clients.

All of this at highly reasonable prices.

It all means that sought after commission is not just something to wish for, but well within the reach of those staffing firms who use the product. The search is far more efficient because manual input isn’t necessary, taking human error out of the picture.

Client companies are very demanding. They don’t have an awful lot of patience and loyalty is based on the ability to submit qualified candidates as fast as possible. Staffing firms need to survive in an environment where the competition might be a nanosecond faster when it comes to referring a candidate, and time can’t be wasted shuffling through all the paper. Hustle is a desired virtue in the staffing industry and RChilli Inc. can be like a speeding bullet, processing resume data quickly, reducing the time spent preparing and analyzing material, and getting that great candidate to the client before the competitors even know this person exists.

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