Put Away the Spectacles

The old-fashioned way of doing talent searches was to put out a notice in the newspaper and with the resumes command. Then, mind recruiters would look over page after page of qualifications, look trying hard to find the best candidate. That’s a very serious problem in this day of the lightning quick economy. Companies simply don’t have the time to waste and a talent search cannot take weeks but just days and preferably only hours. That’s a tall order for any employment recruiter but the hiring departments expect to be serviced and the reputation of human resources is on the line. Employment recruiters have to identify qualified candidates quickly and present them to hiring managers ASAP. RChilli Inc. can come to the rescue in these tense situations.

One of the best resume parsing companies in the world, RChilli Inc. brings an end to the days of reading through responses. With automated service is geared towards identifying the best candidates, RChilli Inc. can:

  • accept resumes from job boards, emails, desktop career portals, or outside firms and turn information into highly readable HR XML formats;
  • take over the time-consuming task of screen resumes and reduce the whole process by 80%;
  • input data directly into any database, including ERP;
  • process literally thousands of resumes in a matter of hours.

That last point is particularly important for any company that receives a large volume of resumes on a routine basis. Such companies gather employment department bought down in resume analysis with any major talent search, and that can be like trying to drive a truck through deep mud. RChilli Inc. became one of the world’s best resume parsing companies by producing totally reliable employment data automatically. The data fields can be customized for that major search company is doing, and the processing of a resume doesn’t take minutes; it takes a matter of seconds.

The results of what RChilli Inc. can do will put a big smile on the face recruiter, but an even bigger smile on the face of a hiring manager looking to fill position. Suffice to say that upper management is going to be extremely impressed with efficient way critical positions suddenly become filled.

A director should resources may worry about the cost of the road is no need to do that. There is no per cost resume. A one time cost will allow unlimited use of the services provided by RChilli Inc. and that can be an amazing benefit for companies with large volumes of monthly resumes. The ability to process and analyze considerable amounts of employment data data in a hurry with total reliability are qualities that RChilli Inc. brings to the table for any prospective client. Along with the other services, these are enhancements that can end the resume reading drudgery and put an employment office at the front in any race for qualified talent.

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